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open triangle packaging with salads - packneat
triangle packaging with salads - packneat

an idea brought to life

We’ve developed our future-friendly packaging with you in mind — just because you’re committed to being sustainable doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style.


Design that can’t be ignored

Food packaging doesn’t have to be boring, and it certainly should stand out. Attractive packaging can do wonders for increasing sales or customers’ attention, and it can help to evoke positive emotions. Don’t settle for plain packaging when you can showcase your uniqueness by giving your food a luxury feel with our patented premium food packaging.

Benefits of the packaging

Triangle packaging is made from responsibly sourced materials, which are strong, leakproof, and food-grade safe for use with all kinds of hot and cold cuisine (e.g., with little modification it can be used with salads, pasta, WOK, burgers, deserts, sushi and etc.). With “Bio E” coating, the triangle is totally plastic-free and it’s an excellent eco-friendly packaging alternative that keeps your customer safe.

The Bio E (by Holmen Iggesund) coating is based on renewable resources and adapted for organic recovery through composting or anaerobic digestion. The material is suitable for applications where biodegradability or recyclability is desired.

Inspired by

Biodegradable, recyclable,
industrial compostable

Created for

Encourage customers to return with remarkable, enjoyable & exciting experience when packaging transforms into a plate on opening

for you

Customizable: branding, material, inside volume, dimensions & sauce holder (optional)

successful in

Better visual presentation
& esthetic composition


Perfect liquid & grease resistant

Heat sealing


Deep freezing

Perfect liquid & grease resistant

Heat sealing


Deep freezing

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holding full triangle packaging - packneat


Excellent stiffness, tear and internal strength properties make for extremely durable packaging.

Thanks to Holmen Iggesund, “Bio E” coating is made from 75% renewable raw materials. In comparison the previous generation of bio-based barriers were made from about 30% renewable raw materials.

triangle packaging with spaghetti - packneat


Outstanding moisture resistance and wet durability. It consists of paperboard that is building the structure of the package and normally comes with a functional barrier for keeping foodstuff fresh and not influenced by outside environments.

holding triangle packaging - packneat


Material has high whiteness and even surface for excellent printability. This surface, combined with its excellent structural, design, and embossing characteristics make it ideal for demanding printing applications. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with your customers through branded packaging.


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